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Issue Price Consensus Protocol Cryptographic Algorithm
-- POW + POS --
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Trivechain is a non-profit decentralized public blockchain, that uses blockchain technology and digital identities to digitalize assets. Trivechain is a decentralized blockchain system that uses BizContracts to autonomously manage digital assets in order to realize the blockchain economic autonomy. Trivechain is a project using blockchain technology and a new distributed blockchain system that sets out to establish a distributed blockchain structure and is adamant about blockchain economic autonomy.


Ten major advantages of Trivecoin:
 1. Total amount of 84 million, it's valued because of rarity, 50.4 million of which are subject to block mining and maintained for 60 years.
 2. It is an application token of blockchain platform with high application value.
 3. It adopts hybrid consensus authentication of POW + POS to maintain the balance of the blockchain system.
 4. POW uses the X11 algorithm for miner operation to maintain the stability of the block network.
 5. The POS uses the masternode reward as a consensus basis, improving block network authentication and transaction efficiency, while binding Trivecoin to maintain the stability of the market liquidity.
 6. The masternode has the right to vote, participate in the development of the Trivechain community and determine the right to use the Trivecoin funds.
 7. The masternode supports DirectSend and ExclusiveSend functions, increasing the transaction efficiency and confidentiality of Trivecoin.
 8. Its BIZCONTRACT and BIZFACTORY mechanisms allow SMEs to issue ICO, promoting the market share and application popularization of Trivecoin.
 9. Establish a blockchain mall with BIZSTORE and BIZAPP, allowing the tokens issued on the Trivechain to be further circulated.
 10. 20% of the block rewards belongs to Trivecoin Foundation, which can support the long-term self-management and development of the Trivechain.


Trivecoin (TRVC) is an utility coin circulating on the Trivechain platform, and is mainly used as an expense in ICO/ITOs (Initial Coin/Token Offerings) and used as an incentive for maintaining calculating power. There are only 84 million Trivecoins in circulation, there is a rareness in exclusivity. Of the 84 million Trivecoins, 50.4 million will be mined and has a lifespan of 60 years.

32595 vote(s)

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